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Led by founder and president Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D., in 2018 Active Parenting Publishers celebrated 35 years of providing award-winning, video-based education programs for families. Our programs, videos and books cover a variety of current family education topics of great interest to educators and other helping professionals. The easy-to-use format and appealing design make them sure winners in your catalog.

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If you are a wholesaler and would like more information, please contact Distributor Sales Manager Eryn Hopkins at 800-825-0060 x105 or Eryn@ActiveParenting.com.

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National Parenting Product Awards winner

The Active Parenting: First Five Years online parenting class was named a winner in the National Parenting Product Awards. Click for details about this award.

Here are some of the comments from the judges:

“Loved this book and online course”

“I feel like every new parent should have this workbook and do the course”

“Easy to understand and to follow tips”

“The suggestions are clear, concise and supportive of child development in the critical first 5 years of life”

Check out this great review of the First Five Years video series in the esteemed Video Librarian magazine! (September/October 2017 edition)

Awarded 3½ stars out of 4.

Active Parenting: First Five Years—Video 1: You and Your Child 1/2
(2017) 23 min. DVD; $79.95. Active Parenting Publishers. PPR. ISBN: 978-1-59723345-3.New parents often wonder about what’s going on in the minds of their babies-and how to respond in the best manner possible. Based on the concept of “active parenting” (which emphasizes bonding with children, encouragement, and non-violent discipline), You and Your Child—the first entry in the four-part Active Parenting: First Five Years series—helps parents understand why kids do some of the things they do at various ages. In an entertaining rap music segment, a teen girl and boy describe the normal behaviors and experiences of kids, including how infants explore their environment through touch (and put almost everything in their mouths), the tantrums of the terrible twos, the connection to parents through reading and story time, and more, as the tiny baby grows into a big kid.

Acting out common situations, multicultural parents share their challenges and approaches. Topping the list, of course, is trying to figure out what a crying baby needs-quickly followed by learning how to function as a parent in the face of ongoing fatigue. Depicting various scenarios (including tough ones related to arguments and discipline), the program emphasizes that the challenges and triumphs in child-raising are similar for all. The other titles in the series are Preventing Problems, Encouraging Positive Behavior, and Preparing Your Child for School SuccessHighly recommended. Aud: P. (C. Block)”

This parenting education video series for early childhood is perfect for Head Starts, daycares, home visits, social services, churches, and more. Click here for details about First Five Years Video Library.


Our new program for early childhood parenting, Active Parenting: First Five Years, is now available in Spanish, too. All materials—including Parent’s Guide, Leader’s Guide, posters, magnet, and more—are in Spanish. The video is dubbed. Covers the crucial first five years of parenting, including parenting for the baby year! Plus a whole session on preparing for school.

This program is perfect for Head Starts, daycares, home visits, churches, and other places where families gather. Click here for details about Paternidad Activa: Los Primeros Cinco Años.


Active Parenting: First Five Years, our parenting education curriculum for parents of children from 0-5, was named a finalist in the prestigious REVERE Awards in the category of Professional Resources: School Climate. The awards, presented by the Association of American Publishers (AAP), recognize excellence in educational publishing.


The popular 1,2,3,4 Parents! parenting program for ages 1-4 has been revised and updated. The new program, titled Active Parenting: First Five Years, contains new information and new topics, including parenting for the baby year! Plus a whole session on preparing for schoolClick here for details about First Five Years.


The Christian Active Parenting Parent’s Guide has been named as an Illumination Book Awards gold medalist! The awards honor the year’s best new titles written with a Christian worldview.


Christian Active Parenting is a curriculum for parents of children ages 5 to 12. It combines the wisdom of the Bible with our evidence-based approach to give parents the strength and skills they need to raise upstanding children. The course promotes nonviolent discipline guided by God’s love.

The program kit is designed to be delivered in 1, 3, 4, 6, or 12 sessions incorporating video, discussion, and activities. The Video Library version offers a simpler class in which the leader shows a video and then leads a discussion with the provided questions. Your customers will use CAP to guide parents, to bring families closer to God, and to build a more vibrant faith community.


Active Parenting 4th Ed., our curriculum for parents of children ages 5-12, was named a finalist in the prestigious REVERE Awards in the category of Professional Resources: School Climate. The awards, presented by the Association of American Publishers (AAP), recognize excellence in educational publishing.

Here’s a link to the judges’ comments: http://review.wizehive.com/voting/view/aapgallery2015/0/2426825/0.


Dr. Michael Popkin demonstrates how moms and dads can address the complicated issues of responsibility and discipline with young children, making positive approaches to conflict almost seem like fun. Of course, that’s saying a lot (and many adults will consider it a stretch),  but having come through those years with my own youngsters, I can report that this program helped me recognize the good steps I tookand times when I could have done better. Hosted by Gerardo Davila and featuring well-acted vignettes of true-to-life interactions between parents and kids, the video shows active (authoritarian) approaches to discipline, contrasting those with the traditional concept of reward and punishment. According to Popkin, “In the long run, a stronger person inflicting pain on a smaller, weaker person may cause more harm than good to the child and the relationship.” Far from offering a Pollyanna view, the dramatizations show adults and kids behaving badly before going over the same situation with different strategies (such as using effective “I” messages) that will lead to much better outcomes. A helpful guide to dealing with some of the most challenging aspects of parenting, this is highly recommended. Aud: P. (C. Block)

– Video Librarian Magazine