Sample video from
Cooperative Coparenting through Separation or Divorce

Your program kit contains 35 minutes of video to use throughout the class to help parents understand key points. The video vignettes clearly illustrate successful and unsuccessful ways to approach coparenting issues. The families portrayed in the video reflect families in every community. Check out these two sample videos from the Cooperative Coparenting video.

In these two segments, Marcus tells his Dad about how great his soccer game was. Charles is angry that Denise did not tell him about Marcus’ game. In the first segment, Charles loses his temper and calls Denise to accuse her of doing it intentionally. Marcus is left feeling like his Dad didn’t care about his game. In the second segment, Charles curbs his anger and shows interest in what Marcus is telling him and explains that he would’ve been there if he had known about the game. Marcus sees that his Dad was really interested after all, and he feels much better about himself and his parents’ relationship.

You will use video scenes like these in your class to illustrate Cooperative Coparenting skills and concepts and spark fruitful discussion among class participants.

Best practices make better classes

According to “Parent Education to Strengthen Families and Reduce the Risk of Maltreatment,” a 2013 publication of the US Department of Health and Human Services,

“Research has consistently shown that active learning approaches have greater success than passive approaches (CDC, 2009). Interactive methods include activities such as group discussion, role playing, active modeling, homework exercises, and reviewing videos of effective parenting approaches (Brown, 2005).”

With video, group discussion, and skills development activities, Cooperative Parenting and Divorce meets all those requirements and more!

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