Leader Training Workshops FAQs

What's included in the price of the workshop?

You’ll receive a Parent’s Guide from the program kit, five to seven hours of instruction, a Training Guide, a certification packet, clock hours from NBCC, and refreshments. Program kits are not included in the price of the workshop, but you can take 15% off the price of program kit for your LTW when ordered at the same time as your registration.

Why do you offer Active Parenting of Teens and Active Parenting 4th Edition in one workshop?

The focus of these workshops is “How to lead a successful group” using Active Parenting principles rather than only specific program content. Both programs share the same concept and similar format. The workshop will allow you to view some video vignettes from each program.

I have already created my own materials to teach parenting groups. Why should I attend Active Parenting Workshops?

Although Active Parenting programs were designed to be used as complete parenting courses, they can also be used to enhance existing programs. The training you receive here will help you integrate the materials into your own. Plus you’ll learn helpful information about parenting education in general.

Who will be leading my Leader Training Workshop?

Your workshop will be facilitated by one of Active Parenting’s certified national trainers. These trainers—who are themselves veteran parenting education leaders—have completed our rigorous Training of Trainers program and achieved certification.

What if I have to cancel?

Do I have to attend a Leader Training Workshop to use your material?

No, you are not required to attend a workshop to facilitate Active Parenting programs; however, we do recommend it. At a Leader Training Workshop, you will learn how to explain concepts to parents, receive marketing tips, network with other educators, earn Continuing Education units/hours, and begin the first step to becoming a certified Leader.

Is there a charge for the workshops?

Yes, there is a charge for the workshops. We offer a variety of formats of training, and you can find the pricing on our website or in the most recent catalog.

Is the kit included in the price of the workshop?

No, the kit is not included; however, we offer workshop participants a discount on the kit if purchased with the workshop registration.

What will I receive at the workshop?

Each participant receives access to the workshop, a Leader’s Guide or Participant Workbook, Parent Guide, certification packet, marketing folder and clock hours.

How many clock hours are earned?

CEs vary depending on the length of the workshop. You earn 1 contact hour per hour of training. Click here for more information about clock hours.

What if there's no live workshop in my area?

We offer a self-study workshop and live webinars that do not require any travel.

How do I become a certified Leader?

To become a certified Leader, you must follow these steps without deviation:

  • Attend a live workshop conducted by a certified Trainer – or – participate in a webinar – or – participate in the Online Leader Training Workshop
  • Conduct a parenting class using the appropriate program kit and parent guides. There is no set number of parents needed.
  • Complete the certification paperwork and return to the training department.

I attended a workshop years ago; do I need to attend another one?

It is only mandatory to attend another workshop if the program has been signficantly updated since you attended a workshop. If there’s a record of your attendance, you can attend the workshop for 50% of the training cost.

If I attend one workshop, will that certify me in all the other programs?

Although many of our programs share concepts and theories, the specific details of the program topic makes it necessary to attend each training workshop to earn certification.

I received the books at the workshop; can I purchase the DVDs only?

No. The DVDs are the main component of the program kit and we cannot break up a kit to sell the DVDs separately.

I attended the Active Parenting 4th Ed./Teen Combo Day workshop, and I received a participant's workbook. Why didn't I get a Leader's Guide for both programs?

For the Combo Day workshop, we use the participant’s guide because it contains the sections of the Leader’s Guides that are relevant to the workshop. Also, the participant’s guide helps to keep the cost of the workshop at a reasonable rate. When you purchase the program kit, there’s a Leader’s Guide included.

Will I be certified at the end of the workshop?

At the end of the workshop, you will receive a completion certificate showing that you attended the workshop. However, to become certified, you must follow the certification guidelines that are included in your certification packet.

Do I have to attend a Leader Training Workshop to become a Trainer?

Yes. The Leader Training Workshop is the first step to becoming a Trainer. Here are the remaining steps:

  • Attend a Training of Trainers workshop.
  • Pass the post-test with a score of 90% or higher.
  • Complete a video presentation of an assigned segment of the program.
  • Conduct a parenting class using the material.

What if I need more training than this?

The 3-day Training of Trainers (TOT), held each summer, offers an extended learning opportunity for both beginning and experienced leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions about Training for Active Parenting 4th Edition

If I don't want to purchase the new program, can I still use the Active Parenting Now program kit?

It is not mandatory that you upgrade to the new program; however, once the components for the Active Parenting Now program are gone, you will not be able to purchase additional material. We recommend that you upgrade to the new program to ensure that the parents you serve has the most updated information.

If I take the Online Leader Training Workshop, can I become certified in AP4?

Yes if you comply with the following guidelines:

  • Purchase the AP4 kit.
  • Conduct a parenting class and complete the certification packet.
  • Special Note = There is a $29.95 certification fee if you have taken the OLTW before January 1, 2013.

I took an LTW but never got my certification; can I now become certified in AP4?

Yes, if you follow the steps to become certified.

Do I have to use the new workbook to become certified?

No, it is not mandatory to use the new workbook to become certified, but we recommend it to enhance the parents’ knowledge and experience. It is mandatory to use the Parent’s Guide.