Active Parenting: A video-based program

Popkin, M.


Results were reported from 35 field-test groups conducted using the original Active Parenting Discussion Program between January and March of 1984. Subjects were 274 parents of both sexes having children between the ages of 2 and 17. Subjects completed two check lists, About Yourself, which self-rated their own parenting behavior, and About Your Child which rated their child’s behavior. The pre-test was administered at the beginning of the course and the post-test at the end of the final session. Results indicated that parents improved their parenting skills an average of 28% after completion of the Active Parenting Discussion Program course. 84% of the parents also reported an improvement in their children’s behavior with an average improvement of 20%.

In addition to the child behavior checklists, 97% of parents who took the course indicated they would recommend the course to friends, and 100% of the 35 leaders said they would recommend leading the program to colleagues. The author discusses the practical application of the new video-based technology to the field of parent education and predicts the expansion of its use.