Implementing the Active Parenting program in the Baltimore County Public Schools: A final report

Brown, D.L.


This study documented the implementation of Active Parenting into the Baltimore County Public School System (Towson, MD). Two options were explored for reaching parents with the program: Chapter I pilot schools (schools which qualify for federal funds based on economic and achievement criteria, e.g. those which serve a high number of free or reduced-price lunches and also have a large number of children under-achieving on group tests), and adult education programs. A group of eight school counselors were oriented as Active Parenting leaders. Three pilot schools were selected to participate in the study. Data was collected and summarized over two years of the pilot project from a total of twelve Active Parenting groups, reflecting a high percentage of participating parents completing the course. Overall, the results were positive showing that Active Parenting has the holding power to maintain interest throughout six weeks of intensive instruction using a multi-sensory, multimedia approach.