A Map Through the Maze: A Guide to Surviving the Criminal Justice System

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A survival guide for inmates and their families

by Ned Rollo and Louis W. Adams, D. Min.

Finally, an innovative self-help book and program designed to help the newly convicted survive their impending incarceration. Here’s a serious problem that’s seldom addressed, until now: Few inmates are mentally prepared to disappear down this dark rabbit hole.

Indeed, prison can be a chilling and costly experience, punctuated with fear, distrust, fragile hope, boredom, grief, and depression. Many new inmates face a prison maze filled with endless barriers, deadly traps, and hopelessness. How can they best cope with life in a cage and then successfully re-enter the free world after years of mind-numbing lockdown? And what about their families who also suffer in silence? If you’re a correctional administrator, what can you do to make their transition more positive, while ensuring the safety and well-being of your institution?

For most people, being imprisoned is not the end of the world. After all, nearly 95 percent of inmates will eventually be released into the free world. But first, they must do some serious time and, hopefully, learn the many lessons outlined in this ground-breaking self-help book for inmates and their families. Author Ned Rollo, who has literally walked the walk and talked the talk, tells it like it is with a focus on preparing inmates mentally for their upcoming correctional experience. Here, he offers an in-depth mental and emotional road map running from the moment of felony conviction through five years following release.

Focusing on a dark and dysfunctional mindset that needs to quickly change, this hopeful book stresses the importance of thinking outside the prison cage where inmates will find a life of purpose, meaning, love, and beauty that’s well worth living.

Designed for inmates, loved ones, and correctional educators, this book is filled with Ned’s signature insights:

  • understanding true freedom
  • confronting the prison experience
  • beating the system at its own game
  • transforming thoughts and actions
  • overcoming barriers to growth and self-worth
  • avoiding deadly traps
  • accepting responsibility and rejecting excuses
  • developing a survival and success strategy
  • maintaining physical and mental health
  • acquiring education and vocational skills
  • saying “Goodbye” and “Hello, I’m back”
  • staying in touch with the ever-changing world
  • controlling anger and hate
  • progressing in the free world
  • avoiding the dangers of trying to “catch up”

This definitive guide to surviving the correctional experience includes a special chapter providing much-needed advice to the families of offenders, who also serve a sentence in silence. It addresses such issues as loss, grief, anger, depression, setting limits, getting help, finding support, maintaining a relationship, helping children, visiting, and homecoming. An extensive resource section reveals the best ex-offender survival and re-entry books and DVDs. (144 pp.)

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