Active Parenting Parent Books & Leader’s Guide (Hubbs-Tait)

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Materials for course #HDFS 5273/Parent Education, Dr. Laura Hubbs-Tait

Active Parenting 4th Edition Leader’s Guide – The facilitator’s manual for the Active Parenting 4th Ed. program guides leaders step by step through the class, with instructions on how to lead the group and promote helpful discussion. (200 pp.)

Active Parenting 4th Ed. Parent’s Guide provides in-depth exploration of all parts of the Active Parenting methods. Parents who take the class will be able to share the Guide with other adults in the family, and will refer to it long after the class is finished. It is filled with illustrations and memorable photos from the video. (219 pp.)

• The Parent’s Workbook contains worksheets parents can use in class and for home activities. It also contains copies of the program’s PowerPoint slides so parents can take notes as they follow along. (80 pp.)

Also included:
• Training Folder
• Certification Packet

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