Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence (DVD)

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from TMW Media Group

(Part of the “Relationship Issues: Christian Solutions series) This video provides an overview of issues surrounding domestic violence and the church’s role in dealing with it. Through interviews with victims, family members, a police officer, and religious and community leaders, the video explores:

  • The different kinds of domestic violence
  • Who victims are
  • Why victims stay in bad situations
  • The effect of domestic violence on children
  • The importance of breaking the cycle with a coordinated community effort
  • How abusers manipulate religious beliefs to justify their behavior
  • Why religious leaders need to be educated on issues surrounding domestic violence
  • What to do if you’re in a violent relationship
  • How to reconcile mixed emotions and find forgiveness
  • “We have a responsibility as people of faith to speak out boldly… It’s a not a threat to the sanctity of marriage to stand up and say we will not condone violence in intimate relationships. Violence is what destroys intimate relationships.” (21 min.)Sample video:

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