Changing Family Games

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Six games to help children cope with divorce
by Beth Marcozzi

Changing Family Games is a collection of counseling games designed to provide children with insight and skills to cope with the many changes and difficulties that accompany divorce. The set includes six game boards, an instruction manual, and all the materials necessary to play the games. Each game is designed to take approximately 30 minutes of playing time. For 2-4 players, ages 6-12.


  • What’s Divorce?, designed to introduce children to terms commonly used when a family is going through a divorce
  • Ups and Downs, helps children understand how their behavior affects them and those around them
  • The Feelings Trail, helps children open up about the feelings they are experiencing in relation to their parents’ divorce
  • Leave Me Out of It!, helps children cope with being put in the middle of their parents’ arguments
  • From Mom’s to Dad’s & Back Again, learning to adjust to living in two different homes
  • Family Changes, introduces children to the many event—positive and negative—that can change a family: divorce, death, adoption, moving, a new addition to the family, etc.

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