Connect with Kids videos for kids & parents set/8

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from CWK Network
These flexible videos can be used with both parents and students. Each 22-minute video contains five segments and comes with a 16-page Resource Guide provided on CD.

These videos are also sold separately. Several of the videos are also available in Spanish.

The series of 8 videos includes:

  1. Bright Kids, Bad Grades
  2. Good Kids, Bad Choices
  3. Shattered: Drunk Driving
  4. Just Once: Meth Abuse
  5. Prescription for Trouble
  6. Silent Witness
  7. A Violent Age
  8. Sticks and Stones: Verbal Harassment

The Resource Guide includes:

  • Fact Sheet for
  • reproducible Parent’s Tips sheet
  • Discussion questions for students and adults
  • Lesson Plan for grades 6-8
  • Lesson Plan for grades 9-12


Click for samples from the videos:

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