Connecting with Kids Video 1: Perseverance/Responsibility/Tolerance

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from CWK Network
This video for children in elementary school contains 3 distinct segments exploring the following character-education topics:

  • perseverance
  • responsibility
  • tolerance

Comes with 35-page Lesson Plan on CD containing discussion points, activities, a glossary, and more. (20 min.)

3.5 stars

An excellent teaching tool that presents crucial life lessons in a creative, practical way, the six-volume series Connecting with Kids treats character attributes as skills that can be acquired and practiced much like any other ability. Each volume features three segments, each exploring a different character quality that is defined in sound bites from various race- and age-diverse children, and then illustrated through a true-life profile.

In the title “Perseverance/Responsibility/Tolerance,” for example, tolerance is memorably demonstrated in the friendship of Cory, who is white, and Jason, who is black—kids who are not only honest and articulate, but have a “cool” factor that makes their story readily accessible to the target audience. Great interview subjects, creative edits, and a simple but effective structure will help this very-easy-to-swallow child guidance “medicine” go down…Highly recommended.
-E. Gieschen for Video Librarian magazine, Sept/Oct 2003

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