Families Talk About…Grandparents as Parents (DVD)

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series created by James Sayre, M.D.; produced by Rose Films, Inc.
In this revealing video, real grandparents talk about the challenges of becoming the primary caretakers of their grandchildren. They discuss issues such as

  • why they decided to parent their grandchildren
  • adjusting to sudden new parenting responsibilities when they thought they were finished
  • the importance of finding support
  • dealing with the biological parents
  • legal issues they have faced
  • adapting their parenting style for a new generation
  • planning for the future

Comes with discussion guidelines. This video is also available in Spanish. (28 min.)

Sample from the video:


Grandparents interviewed in the video:

Ruby and Gene have custody of Gene’s biological teenage grandson, Derrick. Derrick’s father is an alcoholic and his mother is a drug addict. Neither of Derrick’s biological parents was ever capable of taking care of him, and Ruby and Gene have essentially taken care of him from birth. Derrick’s mother, however, would occasionally take Derrick away from Ruby and Gene, totally disrupting his life. So they went to court to obtain legal custody of Derrick.

Karen has had custody of her daughter’s three children since their births. Her grandchildren have severe learning disabilities and health problems because of their mother’s drug addiction. Karen always looked forward to being “Grandma,” but this isn’t what she expected.

Linda has had legal custody of two of her daughter’s children since birth. Her daughter, a prostitute and drug addict, was murdered.

Mirta is raising her daughter’s three children, with help from her other daughter, Marisol. The children’s mother fled an abusive relationship, leaving them behind.

Mary has legal custody of her grandson, Michael. Michael is the child of Mary’s son. Neither her son nor the biological mother could take care of Michael due to drug and alcohol problems. Michael is now 11, and his father is an active part of his life. His biological mother is not. Mary is going to keep legal custody until she is convinced that her son has overcome his problems.

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