Family-Teacher Partnerships in High Poverty Schools (DVD)

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from TMW Media Group

Teachers & Administrators Discuss Creative Ways to Establish Positive Partnerships with Parents & Families of Their Students.

Teaching in high poverty schools can present educators with numerous challenges. Often, cultural misunderstandings, particularly regarding parent involvement, can lead to assumptions that undermine the quality of communication between parents, teachers and ultimately students. By understanding that parents express support and involvement in a variety of ways, teachers can creatively craft interactions that result in a richer learning experience for the student at school and home.

This program is one of many tools that can help build the foundation of understanding between parents and teachers. It features parents, teachers and administrators discussing their experiences in high-poverty schools.

  • Family members and teachers share the barriers to family involvement in their children’s schools.
  • Teachers and administrators discuss creative ways to address these barriers and establish positive partnerships with the families of their students.
  • Advice for future teachers is offered to support family-teacher collaborations early in teacher training.

(12 min.)

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