Family Violence: The Impact on Children (DVDs in Spanish)

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from KidSafety of America
Family violence is about power and control. This video program in Spanish examines family violence and its impact on children. The videos define family violence, discuss generational issues, and describe the cycle of abuse. Addresses the effect of family violence on children as babies and as children; and how violence affects a child’s learning. Also explores ways to prevent or treat family violence.

Each video covers the basics, but also contains special information for different audiences: young parents, the people who work with them, and the public at large. The videos feature experts, practitioners, and ordinary folks sharing their experiences. Produced in collaboration with The Children’s Institute of Los Angeles. Each volume is dubbed in Spanish. English version is also available.

Videos in the series:
Family Violence: The Impact on Children, an Overview (21 min.)

Family Violence: The Impact on Children, a video for Parents (18 min.)

Family Violence: The Impact on Children, a video for Educators & Caregivers (19 min.)

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