Gay, Straight, and Accepted (DVD)

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from Cerebellum
Life can be confusing for adolescents when they begin to develop sexual attractions. Through the perspective of straight teenagers, we meet students coming to terms with how they feel and dealing with the anxiety of “coming out.” We meet Noel, who became extremely depressed because she did not know how to deal with being a lesbian. And Sam, who is a victim of homophobic harassment. He overcomes the bullying by building a support team. In the end students will realize that sexual orientation should not be isolating.

At the end of this program, students will have learned the following:

  • Having sexual feelings and attractions, of any orientation, is a normal part of growing up.
  • Being gay or lesbian can make a teen feel different and confused; it is important to deal with those feelings and not suppress them.
  • Gay and lesbian teens should not to hide who they are.
  • Find a support system—people you can talk to, trust, and rely on.
  • Straight teens should speak up if they see gays being bullied and harassed.

    For grades 9-12. Comes with 25-page Teacher’s Guide on DVD. (15 min.)

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