Healing Games

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Six games to help children recover from serious life events
by Hennie Shore

Healing Games is a collection of six board games designed to help children who have experienced serious life events that have left them feeling sad, angry, helpless and even depressed.

These experiences include:

  • death of a loved one, whether sudden or as a result of long-term illness or other cause
  • traumatic events, such as a terrorist attack, school shooting, kidnapping, and mugging, or other kind of assault
  • surviving a disaster such as a hurricane, earthquake, fire or flood
  • The games teach: acceptance, how to express feelings; how to recognize and deal with physical symptoms; how to get help from loved ones; how to retain a positive attitude; and how to move on. The set includes six game boards, an instruction manual, and all the materials necessary to play the games. For 2-4 players, ages 6-12.


  • The Acceptance Game deals with the fact that children often find it hard to accept what happened to them
  • Feel, Reveal…and Heal helps children express their feelings more readily
  • My Mind and Body focuses on the close relationship between the emotional and physical reactions caused by trauma and stress
  • A Little Help from My Friends prompts children to remember that the people who love and care about them can help
  • Optimism Oasis teaches children that there can be good in any situation
  • Moving Forward prompts children to think about their future apart from the awful thing that happened to them

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