Toss & Learn Game: Impulse Control

Impulse Control Game

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Take Control of Impulse Control

  • Teach children skills to help them control their impulses
  • Practice matching situations with their appropriate actions
  • Children learn how to think before they act, recognize consequences, and more

Helps players learn important skills and apply them to common situations. Skills learned include: thinking before you act, recognizing consequences of impulsive behavior, not acting on impulses, using self-talk to help combat impulsive urges, taking responsibility for your actions, and more! The blue dice have situations, and the yellow dice have either questions or actions. Players roll a blue die and then roll a yellow die. Players apply the question or action on the yellow die to the situation on the blue die. For ages 8-12.

2 Blue dice
2 Yellow dice
2 Skill sheets
Packet of points
Facilitator guidelines

How does it work?
Here’s an example of one round of the game.

Step 1: After a player tosses one of the blue dice, it reads “Your classmate is tapping his pencil on the desk. You feel like grabbing it out of his hand.”
Step 2: The player then tosses one of the yellow dice, and it reads “What might happen if you give in to this impulse?”
Step 3: Player then answers the question and gains points.

Could also be played in teams, allowing players to collaborate.


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