Las Familias Hablan Sobre…Los Abuelos que como Padres (DVD)

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(Families Talk About…Grandparents as Parents )

series created by James Sayre, M.D.; produced by Rose Films, Inc.

In this revealing video, real grandparents talk about the challenges of becoming the primary caretakers of their grandchildren. They discuss issues such as

  • establishing a support network
  • adapting their parenting style for a new generation
  • breaking the cycle
  • planning for the future.

Features interviews with grandparents including Mirta, who is raising her daughter’s three children with help from her other daughter, Marisol. The children’s mother fled an abusive relationship, leaving them behind.

Also features Ruby and Gene, who have reared their grandson Derrick since his birth. They discuss the problems that arise when Derrick’s mother periodically reappears in his life, and their battle to obtain legal custody of their grandson.

Comes with discussion guidelines. Dubbed in Spanish by professional actors in Mexico. This video is also available in English. (28 min.)

Hombres y mujeres con diferentes antecedentes hablan sobre la importancia del matrimonio para ellos y para sus hijos. Platican sobre las cualidades de su matrimonio y cómo los ha beneficiado, sobre cómo fortalecer su relación y cómo manejar los conflictos. Se incluye una guía de discusión (en español). (28 min.)

Sample from the video:

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