Los primeros cinco años PowerPoint – no video

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(Active Parenting: First Five Years)

The PowerPoint provides lively illustrations of key points while you are explaining them in class. The Leader’s Guide, included with the program kit, provides direction for which slide to show and when. Best of all, you can customize your PowerPoint slides to suit your group’s needs. In Spanish. (115 slides)

This version of the PowerPoint contains 115 slides but no video. If you need the version of the PowerPoint with embedded video, please contact us at 800-825-0060 or cservice@activeparenting.com.

The PowerPoint is available in two convenient formats:

  1. instant download – available with credit card payment only
  2. disk – allow one week for delivery

Note: PowerPoint files are nonrefundable.

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Los Primeros PowerPoint - disk

SKU: 2236

Los Primeros PowerPoint - instant download with payment by credit card

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