Parenting BASICS video series (Spanish)

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The Parenting BASICS videos for new parents increase engagement and retention by providing essential information in just a few minutes. Written with a focus on health literacy and featuring real families that reflect the clients you teach, these programs show young parents how to make healthy choices for themselves and their children. Each video is 9-12 minutes long and comes with a downloadable Parent’s Tips Sheet in Spanish. Narrated and dubbed in Spanish. Videos are also sold separately.

Titles in each video series:
(Each title is available as a video for ages 0-6 months or for 7-12 months.)

  1. Salud y seguridad (Health & Safety)
  2. Nutrición (Nutrition)
  3. Salud emocional y disciplina positiva (Emotional Health & Positive Discipline)
  4. Juegos y indicadores de desarrollo (Play & Milestones)
  5. Cuidado de las mamás (Self-Care for Moms)
  6. Paternidad (Fatherhood)

The videos are also available in English.

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Parenting BASICS video series (Spanish) Set/6 for ages 0-6 months

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Parenting BASICS video series (Spanish) Set/6 for ages 7-12 months

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Parenting BASICS video series (Spanish) Set of all 12 videos

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