Parenting from Prison

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A Hands-On Guide for Incarcerated Parents

by James M. Birney

Parenting From Prison is 120 pages of indispensable information to help an incarcerated parent build and maintain a healthy, positive and rewarding relationship with their children.

This book is a friendly how-to guide that will get incarcerated parents re-connected with their children while helping kids to:

• Feel loved & lalued
• Build hope & resilience
• Be encouraged & affirmed

Includes chapters on How to Prepare To Parent, What Your Child Will Ask, Preparing for a Visit, and dozens of activities to keep you connected from afar.

Parenting From Prison includes a sample Parenting Plan and will help any incarcerated parent to build a positive and honest relationship in which their children can thrive and grow.

Paperback for easy mailing to any state or federal facility. (120 pp.)

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