They’ll Never Be the Same: A Parent’s Guide to PTSD in Youth

They'll Never Be the Same: A Parent's Guide to PTSD in Youth

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by Michael S. Scheeringa, MD

An award-winning research psychiatrist exposes myths about childhood trauma and PTSD and provides common sense, evidence-based solutions.

This compassionate and accessible guide is for parents whose children have experienced traumatic or life-threatening events. It was written by one of the foremost authorities on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in children (including early childhood) and adolescents.

Despite advances in understanding and treatment for trauma-related problems, PTSD still goes undetected in most individuals who have it. Clinicians who consider themselves experts still miss the diagnosis. Parents are being inappropriately blamed for their children’s problems because of misinterpretations of the research data. Patients are being told extraordinary stories that trauma has damaged their brains. And treatments that work are being ignored by clinicians.

Dr. Scheeringa understands the desperation many parents feel and explains the impact of trauma, simplifies the science into layman’s terms, debunks the myths, and provides direction on navigating the confusing maze of the mental health world to find appropriate care. He offers rational, evidence-based solutions to counter the current distortions found with many PTSD diagnoses. (290 pp.)

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