Piedras y Palos (Bullying and Harrassment) DVD

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(Sticks and Stones: Bullying and Harassment)
from CWK Network

This flexible video can be used with both parents and students.

In Sticks and Stones, you’ll witness true stories from teens who were bullied with name-calling, gossip, nasty emails and exclusion. This is the torment that today’s bullies put others through, and kids say it hurts worse and leaves deeper emotional scars than physical bullying. You’ll witness the true story of Ryan, who committed suicide as a desperate escape from daily teasing and taunting—both at school and online through hateful emails. You’ll also hear from Alison: “I’d be walking down the hallway and it would be like, ‘Alison, you can take your mask off, it’s not Halloween anymore.’ Or, ‘Alison, you’re so ugly, no guy would ever kiss you.'” They called her names and made sexual slurs, and she cried every day after school. Learn what children and teens face very day, and what parents, students and educators are doing to stop the abusive words that hurt worse than “sticks and stones.” Video contains five segments and is dubbed in Spanish. (22 min.)

The downloadable 12-page Resource Guide in English provides:

  • Bullying Fact Sheet
  • reproducible Parent’s Tips sheet (in Spanish)
  • Discussion questions for students and parents
  • Lesson Plan for grades 6-8
  • Lesson Plan for grades 9-12

La asociacion nacional de educacion calcula que cada dia unos ciento sesenta mil alumnos prefieren quedarse en casa en lugar de ir a la escuela por miedo a lo que otros compañeros puedan hacer o decir. Los efectos de la intimidacion … y … sugerencias para los padres … al regresar “piedras y palos”.

Por ultimo … debemos decirles a nuestros niños: basta. Insultar, burlarse, ridiculizar y excluir a un compañero no es aceptable… para ningun niño… no es aceptable para nadie.

Porque duele demasiado. Este video está doblada al español. (22 minutos)

Sample from the Spanish video:

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