Quick Job Finding Pocket Guide: 10 Basic Steps for Landing, Keeping, and Changing Jobs!

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The Quick Job Finding Pocket Guide fits conveniently into pockets and handbags (approx. 4″ x 5″) for quick and easy reference.

by Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D.

The perfect re-employment action guide for navigating today’s challenging job market! Designed for anyone seeking employment—from hopeful new graduates and individuals experiencing job loss to those re-entering the job market after a lengthy absence—this 64-page pocket guide is packed with essential job-hunting information organized around an effective 10-step job search process. It helps users quickly:

  • check their attitudes
  • assess their motivated abilities and skills
  • state an objective
  • complete job applications and write resumes
  • network for information, advice, and referrals
  • use the Internet effectively
  • attend job fairs
  • conduct effective job interviews
  • close and follow up
  • negotiate salary and benefits
  • accept job offers

Special sections focus on:

  • handling red flag issues
  • finding a federal government job
  • surviving and thriving on the job
  • starting a business
  • documenting education and work history

A popular give-away to help anyone seeking employment, this handy 3¾” x 4¾” pocket guide is designed as a personal reference and action companion that easily fits into a coat or shirt pocket or handbag. (64 pp.)

This pocket guide is available at larger discounts for quantities up to 100,000. Please inquire.

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