Shattered: Drunk Driving (DVD)

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This flexible video can be used with both parents and students.

This is the extraordinary story of one night that changed lives forever. A drunk young woman was speeding and out of control when her jeep smashed head-on into another car, killing the driver and seriously injuring herself and three others. This video features interviews with the eyewitnesses who called the police as they watched the drunk driver weave through traffic and then crash. Also included are their 911 calls before, during and after the accident. There is police video and still photos from the scene, interviews with the drunk driver, her boyfriend and family, and interviews with the family of the man who was killed. And, finally, there is footage of prison. A compelling story about the tragedy of drinking and driving. Video contains five segments. Available in English or dubbed in Spanish. (22 min.)

The downloadable 16-page Resource Guide in English provides:


  • Drunk Driving Fact Sheet
  • reproducible Parent’s Tips sheet
  • Dreams for Achievement worksheet
  • Discussion questions for students and adults
  • Lesson Plan for grades 3-5
  • Lesson Plan for grades 6-8
  • Lesson Plan for grades 9-12


Sample from the video:

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