Silent Witness: Bullying Prevention (DVD)

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from CWK Network
This flexible video can be used with both parents and students.

Bullying continues to plague an untold number of children in the playgrounds and hallways of American schools. This video features interviews with a boy who was bullied and then developed into a bully himself; with students describing their reasons for not reporting bullying when they see it; with a girl who was bullied; and with a mother-son team who demanded changes to the bullying climate at his school—and got them. Encourages viewers to speak up when they witness bullying. Also shows scenes from anti-bullying programs in other schools. Video contains five segments. (22 min.)

The downloadable 16-page Resource Guide provides:


  • Fact Sheet
  • reproducible Parent’s Tips sheet
  • Discussion questions for students and adults
  • Lesson Plan for grades 3-5
  • Lesson Plan for grades 6-8
  • Lesson Plan for grades 9-12


Sample from the video:

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