Skills for Families, Skills for Life

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by Amy Simpson, M.A.; Paula Kohrt, M.Ed.; Linda M. Shadoin, M.S.W.; Joni Cook-Griffin; and Jane L. Peterson, M.H.D.

How to Help Parents and Caregivers Meet the Challenges of Everyday Living
If you work as a family service practitioner or consultant, you know that families in crisis usually are dealing with more than just parenting issues. Not only are parents having trouble with child behavior and discipline at home, but they may face problems such as substandard housing, loss of a job, a high-crime neighborhood, or a chronic health concern. Abuse, domestic violence, substance use, or mental illness may also have an impact on these families.

This book helps family practitioners and other professionals incorporate the teaching of life skills into the assessment of and treatment planning for the families they work with. More than one hundred thirty basic to complex skills in thirteen caregiving areas are outlined in step-by-step detail.

Comes with a CD-ROM to print skill sheets to use as checklists, make notes, and list resources as you counsel individual families. A new chapter also helps you locate public and private, local and national sources of assistance for families. (162 pp.)

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