Stand Up! The Courage to Care

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by Elyse April and Regina Sara Ryan; illustrations by Maria Oglesby

In 12 playful scenarios, young animals take a stand that demonstrates courage in the face of a challenge, along with kindness and willingness to help others. Short, simple text makes for easy comprehension. The book can serve as a stimulus for adult-child discussions about courage, empathy, and caring.

A preventative for the pre-school child, this is a valuable contribution to anti-bullying literature that never mentions the word. Instead, it is packed with impressions to encourage creativity, individuality, and confidence—skills that can combat damaging peer pressure.

Recommended for: libraries, schools, Head Start, Early Head Start, early childhood centers, family resource centers, afterschool and out-of-school programs, and parenting groups. For ages 0-5. (32 pp.)

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