The Brain series (set of 3 DVDs)

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from Learning Zone Xpress
This set of DVDs brings a practical, easy-to-understand approach to how best to develop a young child’s brain, from age 0-5. All videos have closed captions.

Series includes:

The Brain: Developing Memory in Developing BrainsDiscover how the basic workings of the brain influence our memory and how we learn and what can be done to encourage healthy brain development in children. Presents practical approaches parents and caregivers can do to promote learning. (21 min.)

The Brain: Activity, Sleep & Boredom
Physical activity and quality sleep are both vital for healthy bodies, as well as healthy brains. In this DVD, a stoplight is used as a symbol to represent activity, boredom, and sleep as the importance of each in the brain’s memory and learning are explored. (20 min.)

The Brain: Pattern, Structure & Novelty
Our brains are wired to perceive patterns and structure in the world around us. Discover how to give young children the structure that they need to set up a strong foundation for learning, and how to add new activities and ideas in ways that nurture their hunger for learning. (21 min.)

DVDs are also sold separately.

Sample video:

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