The Judgmental Flower

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by Julia Cook; illus. by Anita DuFalla

Introduce the topics of cultural diversity and racial prejudice to students in grades K-6. Help children develop emotional intelligence skills in learning to accept and value differences in others.

Life in the flower patch has always been the same. Purples hang with other Purples. Blues hang with Blues. Talls hang with Talls. Shorts hang with Shorts. But one day Purple moves into the Blue Patch!

Little Blue doesn’t like the strange-looking flower growing so near, so he tells his mother, “Purples just don’t belong around here!”

Fearing her little one is growing in the wrong direction, Mama Blue points out how much Little Blue and his friends can learn from the wind, the rain, and the bees—who treat all flowers the same.

Follow along as Little Blue learns to embrace diversity in life, in friendships, and in the flower patch. A charming book for children with talking points for adults at the end. For ages 6-12. (32 pp.)

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