The Power of Girls: Inside and Out (DVD)

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from Family Health Productions and Blake Works
In this video, girls tell how they learned to handle bullying, eating disorders, early sexual activity, and deep loss. With discussion guide. Recommended for grades 5-12, parents and other caregivers. (20 min.)

“The vignettes in The Power of Girls: Inside and Out are true to life and the messages are positive. Vital issues of concern to teenagers are presented in a dramatic, compelling format. Matters addressed include peer conflicts, the need for peer acceptance and approval, sexuality, substance abuse, eating disorders, coping with catastrophic illness and bereavement and family relationships. The videos are valuable for both single gender and mixed counseling groups as well as health education and psychology classes.”
-Inge S. Ortmeyer, LCSW

“These tapes are positive springboards for further discussion on their various segments – bereavement, sexual choices, eating disorders, violence etc. They seem to strongly support the notion of the importance of support groups for all of these teenage concerns. Also, the importance of family and peer group is stressed.”
-Don Fields, Social Worker

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