The Thank You Book for Kids

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Hundreds of Creative, Cool and Clever Ways to Say Thank You!
by Ali Lauren Spizman

Even the most polite children can cringe at the thought of writing thank-you notes. Saying thanks the old-fashioned way may seem awfully silly to today’s technologically savvy youth. But fourteen-year-old dynamo Ali Lauren Spizman disagrees, and she has now written a book for kids to prove that saying thanks can be fun and rewarding.

Written with infectious enthusiasm, The Thank You Book for Kids contains dozens of creative suggestions for writing memorable thank-you notes. There are chapters that offer tips on how to thank friends, family, and community leaders. Others focus on thank-you poems, suggestions for edible thank-yous, and ideas on how to spread the spirit of saying thanks to others. There’s even a chapter on how to write letters to famous people, which includes some wonderful responses Ali received from such names as Michael Eisner, Wally “Famous” Amos, R.L. Stine, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Apollo 17 astronaut Eugene A. Cernan.

Ali shows how easy it is to turn a thank-you from a chore into an activity even the “coolest” kids can enjoy. Her book will inspire both young children and teenagers to take the time to say thanks. Hardcover. 148 pp.)

Praise for The Thank You Book for Kids
“Ali’s book helps teens and kids of all ages to master the fine art of thankfulness. I want every young person to read, absorb, and use it!”
– Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“Being an elementary school librarian, I originally bought this book as a reference for my students. I soon found, however, that it was a great inspiration to me personally. This book should be required reading for all ages!”
-Peggy L. Mages, New York librarian

About the Author
Teen Ali Lauren Spizman is already a media veteran, having appeared in television commercials, print advertising, radio interviews, and on The Cartoon Network in 1997 as a featured commentator. Every birthday since she was four, Ali has chosen to donate clothes and toys to a homeless shelter. She has been writing thank-you letters since she was a little girl and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her family.

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This clearance item is available while supplies last.