To Grandma’s House, We…Stay

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When You Have To Stop Spoiling Your Grandchildren and Start Raising Them
by Sally Houtman, M.S.

Grandparents raising grandchildren. The most recent census figures indicate nearly 4 million U.S. children currently live in households headed by grandparents. Whether due to the child’s parent becoming incapacitated from an accident or substance abuse, or the parent’s abandonment or untimely death, many grandparents find themselves in the role of parents for the second time.

Both methodical and practical, To Grandma’s House, We…Stay, guides grandparents through the turbulent waters of parenting a generation of children once removed. Houtman offers advice on such issues as surviving the court system, dealing with the malfunctioning parent, and most important of all, nurturing the child. The author includes sample dialogues designed to help the children deal with the hurt they are almost certain to feel as a result of their parents’ absence. And all this is accomplished in a way that is humorous, intelligent, and loaded with lots of love.

The eight appendices offer listings of general resources, issue-specific resources, international resources, hotlines, books, journals, newsletters, and websites that deal with grandparents raising their grandchildren. (223 pp.)

Table of Contents
1. Becoming a Parent–Again
2. Making the Commitment to Raise a Second Family
3. “Where Did I Go Wrong?”
4. Where Have All the Parents Gone?
5. Inheriting a Troubled Child
6. Parenting Two Generations at One Time
7. Things Every Second-Time Parent Should Do
8. Parenting Skills You Didn’t Need the First Time
9. The Grandchild’s Perspective
Appendix A: General Resources
Appendix B: Help with Specific Problems
Appendix C: Hotlines
Appendix D: Suggested Reading
Appendix E: Related Publications
Appendix F: Newsletters
Appendix G: Websites
Appendix H: International Resources

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