Turn in the Road: Distracted Driving (DVD)

SKU: 6970


A Story About Distracted Driving & Its Aftermath

from Outreach Arts

In this Emmy-nominated video, teen ghost Christine Dawn has her hands full with a high school turned upside down by tragedy. She learns that teenager Dana killed a fellow student due to texting while driving. The dead boy’s sister, Lora, is is angry and can’t seem to get past her grief. Together the two spirits help her find closure. (18 min.)

This video comes with a 6-page teaching guide to help students learn:

  • To recognize the catastrophic dangers of distracted driving.
  • To examine the aftermath of losing a loved one and how to reach out to those left behind during the grieving process.
  • To better recognize suicidal ideation and help get that individual into a Guidance/Counseling setting.

Sample video:

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