What is your DUNS #?


What is your Federal ID # ?


Where can I get a W-9?

A W-9 is located on the Customer Service page of our website: Guarantee/Customer Service – Active Parenting


Can I just buy the video: I already have the Leader’s Guide and Parent’s Guide?

No, the videos are not sold separately, only as a part of a Kit.  You may choose a KIT with the videos embedded in PowerPoint on Flash Drive or Streaming.

I own a standard kit with DVDs. May I upgrade to the Flash Drive with the videos embedded in the PowerPoint slides?

Please call to speak with one of our Educational Consultants. After verifying the original kit ownership, we can quote a one-time Flash Drive purchase.

What is the difference between the PowerPoint download and the PowerPoint on Flash Drive?

The downloadable PowerPoint includes slides (only the slides) for the curriculum. The Flash Drive includes the video embedded in the PowerPoint slides.  The Flash Drive is not sold outside of a standard kit EXCEPT for a one-time replacement/add-on to an existing and verifiable standard kit purchase.

Does my kit include a completion certificate?

Yes, your kit includes a customizable Certificate of Completion for you to download, customize, and print.

What completion certificate do I need for the Active Parenting of Teens Standard Kit?

The Active Parenting of Teens Standard Kit includes a sample completion certificate only, however, a kit owner can purchase, download, and customize a downloadable certificate – item # 4504E for parents. The downloadable certificate is included in the Active Parenting of Teens Jump-Start Package.

What completion certificate do I need for the
 Teens in Action Standard Kit?

The Teens in Action Standard Kit includes a sample completion certificate only but a kit owner can buy the completion certificate file for the TEENS only class downloadable certificate– item # 1744E. The downloadable certificate is included in the Teens in Action Jump-Start Package.

What completion certificates do I need for the
Families in Action Standard Kit?

The Families in Action Standard Kit includes a sample completion certificate only, however, a kit owner can purchase, download, and customize the 3 certificates that are necessary for a Families in Action class– for the Teens only class downloadable certificate – item # 1744EParents and Teens class downloadable certificate – item # 1734EParents only class downloadable certificate – item # 4504E. The Families in Action Jump-Start Package includes all 3 customizable certificate downloads.

Do I need to order Parent’s Guides?

Dr. Popkin explains the importance of Parent’s Guides: First, the Parent’s Guide provides important information during the program, and then becomes an invaluable resource for parents to refer to after the course is over.  As such, it improves the parent’s ability to learn, retain, and use the information from the videos, activities, and other components of the course sessions. Second, the evidence of effectiveness for each program is based on research published in peer reviewed journals. These national research studies included evaluations of Active Parenting courses taught by leaders using the curriculum as intended with each parent having a Parent’s Guide. Therefore, to maintain the fidelity of the program, every parent should have their own Parent’s Guide.

The videos in my PowerPoint (on Flash Drive) won’t play, how can I fix it?

Click here for instructions.


Do I have to attend a Leader Training Workshop to use your material?

No, you are not required to attend a workshop to facilitate Active Parenting programs; however, we do recommend it.  At a Leader Training Workshop, you will learn how to explain concepts with parents, receive marketing tips, network with other educators, earn Continuing Education units/hours, and begin the first step to becoming a certified Leader.

Is there a charge for the workshops?

Yes, there is a charge for the workshops.  We offer a variety of formats of training, and you can find the pricing on our website or in the most recent catalog.

Is the kit included in the price of the workshop?

No, the kit is not included; however, we offer workshop participants a 15% discount on the Standard Program kit (10% off Jump-Start kit) if purchased with the workshop registration.  Discount is good from time of registration to the end of the workshop date.

What will I receive at the workshop?

Each participant receives access to the workshop, a Leader’s Guide, Parent Guide, certification packet, marketing material and a Center of Attendance (Continuing Education credits from NBCC, if needed).

I received the books for the workshop; how do I purchase just the videos?

To facilitate the program correctly, facilitators need the full kit.  The extra Leader’s Guide can remain a clean copy in case you need a replacement or extra copy.  Parent Guides are essential to facilitating parent classes, so an extra copy is a bonus.  We offer workshop registrants 15% off any program kit format for

I attended the Active Parenting Now/Teen Combo Day workshop, and I received a Participant’s Guide.  When will I receive the Leader’s Guide?

The Combo Day workshop uses the Participant’s Guide because it contains the sections of the Leader’s Guides that are relevant to the workshop.  Also, the Participant’s   Guide helps to keep the cost of the workshop at a reasonable rate.  When you purchase the program kit, there’s a Leader’s Guide included.

How many CEs (Continuing Education) are earned?

CEs vary depending on the length of the workshop.  Participants earn 1 CE for every hour of training.

Can you send a Trainer to us?

Definitely!  We can create a custom workshop for your organization.  You pick the curriculum, # of participants, date, and location; we will send one of our National Trainers to facilitate the training.

How do I become a certified Leader?

To become a certified Leader, you must follow these steps without deviation:

  • Attend a workshop conducted by a certified Trainer – or – attend a webinar – or – complete the Online Leader Training Workshop
  • Conduct a parenting class using the appropriate program kit and parent guides.  There is no set number of parents needed.
  • Complete the certification paperwork and return to the training department.

I attended a workshop years ago; do I need to attend another one?

It is only mandatory to attend another workshop if the program has been updated or changed since attending the original workshop.  With proof of attendance, participants can take the updated webinar for 50% off the training cost with the purchase of the new program kit.

If I attend one workshop, will that certify me in all the other programs?

Although many of our programs share some of the same concepts and theories, the specific details of the program topic make it necessary to attend each training workshop for each program.

What’s the difference between the Webinar Leader Training Workshop (WLTW) and the Online Leader Training Workshop (OLTW)?

Webinars are live workshops facilitated via Zoom.  We have a preset calendar of dates for most of our programs.  The Online LTW is a self-study workshop that utilizes a digital, interactive Leader’s Guide.  Participants are required to read the Leader’s Guide and Parent Guide, watch the videos, add comments to the discussion forum, and pass the final assessment with a score of 80% or better.  All materials for the Online LTW are digital.

What do you receive with the Online LTW?

Participants receive 60-day access to the workshops (Part 1 and Part 2), digital copy of the Leader’s Guide, Parent Guide, and Workbook (for AP4 only).

Will I be certified at the end of the workshop?

At the end of a workshop, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance recognizing a participant’s attendance.  However, to become a certified Leader, you must follow the certification guidelines.

Do I need to attend a Leader Training Workshop to become a Trainer?

Yes.  The Leader Training Workshop is the first step to becoming a Trainer.  Here are the remaining steps:

  • Attending a Training of Trainers workshop.
  • Complete a presentation of an assigned segment of the program.
  • Conduct a parenting class using the material.
  • Pass the post-test with a score of 90% or higher.

Do you have any workshops for the Christian Active Parenting (CAP) program?

CAP is derived directly from the Active Parenting 4th Edition program; therefore, you can take the workshop for that program, and then use CAP to become certified.

I’m looking for a workshop done in Spanish.

Active Parenting provides a Spanish version of all our main programs.  However, since most Leaders using the Spanish material are bilingual, bilingual participants take the English-version workshop, and implement the program in Spanish.  We can provide a customized workshop in Spanish.  Contact the Training Department for details.

Do you have a workshop for Crossroads of Parenting and Divorce?

Crossroad is a hybrid of the 8-session Cooperative Coparenting program.  We will offer a webinar once the new program is updated.


Do you offer additional support if we have a problem with a child?

Our support is limited to technical support questions regarding getting into your course.  For more help with parenting issues, we recommend that you take an Active Parenting course in your area from a certified Active Parenting Leader if one is available.  Click here for providers who have registered their classes with us.

If you have a more serious problem with a child, please contact a behavioral health provider in your area.  Your child’s school or pediatrician should be able to recommend options in your community. The CDC offers the following resources for finding treatment:

When does my online class start?

This is a self-study course, so feel free to start as soon as you are enrolled or within the next few weeks—but please keep in mind that you will have access to the class for a period of 60 days, beginning from the day you enroll in the course.

How long will I have access to my class?

60 days, beginning from the day you enroll in the course.

Can I take an online class on my mobile device?

No, the online class is not currently available on mobile devices.

How long will this class take to complete?

You can estimate about 1½-2 hours per session to complete all of the activities for each session, but you can start and stop each session as you go, at your pace. There is no set time for reviewing the materials or completing the activities. Everything is available 24/7, so find a time that is convenient for you to watch the entertaining videos and complete the activities and worksheets. The sessions will build upon one another, so we encourage you to complete all of the sessions to receive the full benefit of the class.

Will I still have access to a session I’ve already completed?

You will continue to have access to all previous sessions as you progress through the course.

What support will I have during this class?

You will be a part of a virtual discussion group where you and other group members can share your thoughts. You can also receive technical support by emailing online@activeparenting.com.

How do I begin?

Once you register for an Online Parenting Class you will receive an email with instructions for how to log on to you class.