Permission to Reprint

Permission to Reprint

Active Parenting Publishers accepts requests for the limited use of its copyrighted material in other publications, for academic course materials, and on web sites. We determine fees and conditions of use according to the type of request and the amount of material requested.

How to Make a Request

To request reprint permission, please fill out our online permission request form and click Submit.

Please submit one form for each Active Parenting title you wish to reprint. If you have applied for permission to reprint Active Parenting materials in the past and you would like to make additional copies, please complete the online permission request form and indicate in the Additional Information field that you have received permission for this material in the past. Be sure to use the same contact information that you used when you made your initial request.

Processing the Request

After you submit your request, we will review it and send you a response by the method of your choice (email, fax, or post). If we approve your request, we may specify conditions of use. We may require you to pay a fee, depending on the intended use of the reprinted materials, number of copies, and other factors.
This process usually takes a few days, but it could take several weeks, depending on the type of request. If you are working with a specific deadline, please include that information on your permission request form, and we will attempt to meet your needs.