Active Parenting of Teens Parent’s Guide

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by Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D.

This book provides necessary information for parents of young teens. Covers ways to discipline your adolescent without violence; skills to build open communication; how to prevent risky behavior; and more. In a parenting class, participants will be able to share the Guide with other adults in the family, and will refer to it long after the class is finished. It is filled with illustrations and memorable photos from the video. Quantity discounts available. (144 pp.)

Chapter 1 – The Active Parent
Chapter 2 – Winning Communication
Chapter 3 – Responsibility and Discipline
Chapter 4 – Building Courage, Redirecting Misbehavior
Chapter 5 – Drugs, Sexuality, and Violence: Reducing the Risks (Part 1)
Chapter 6 – Drugs, Sexuality, and Violence: Reducing the Risks (Part 2)

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Be sure to offer a Parent’s Guide for every participant. Some leaders get funding for the guides, some use their budget, and some charge the parents. It all depends on your audience.

Encourage parents to share this information with their teens to jump-start important family discussions. Get the Active Parenting of Teens Parent’s Guide and the Teens in Action Guide together for a special discounted price!

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$14.95 (quantity discounts are shown below)

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