Toss & Learn Game: Conflict Resolution

Fair Shake! Conflict Resolution Game

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from Franklin Learning Systems

Give Everyone a Fair Shake! Toss & Learn Conflict Resolution Game

  • Teach children skills for resolving common problems
  • Practice matching situations with their appropriate actions
  • Children learn how to listen, show respect, look for win-win situations, and more

Helps players learn important skills and apply them to common situations. Skills learned include: being a good listener, learning to show respect, trying for a win-win solution, taking responsibility for choices made, knowing when to walk away, learning not to blame others and more! The blue dice have situations, and the yellow dice have either questions or actions. Players roll a blue die and then roll a yellow die. Players apply the question or action on the yellow die to the situation on the blue die. For ages 8-12.

2 Blue dice
2 Yellow dice
2 Skill sheets
Packet of points
Facilitator guidelines

How does it work?
Here’s an example of one round of the game.

Step 1: After a player tosses one of the blue dice, it reads “You and your sister are fighting over the last serving of ice cream. She grabs the container out of your hand as you are about to start eating.”
Step 2: The player then tosses one of the yellow dice, and it reads “How could you tackle this problem instead of the person?”
Step 3: Player then answers the question and gains points.

Could also be played in teams, allowing players to collaborate.

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