Active Parenting 4th Ed. Online Video Library (subscription)

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by Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D.

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This series of 6 videos provides parents with the skills they need to meet the challenges of parenting in today’s society, including nonviolent discipline and supporting schoolwork. It is designed for parents of children ages 5 to 12. See Program Description for more information about program content, including sample video. Series is also available in Spanish.

With this one-year subscription to the Online Video Library (OVL), parents can watch these videos any time, anywhere. All they need is an Internet connection — and an access code from you.

Videos in the series:

  • The Active Parent (25 min.)
  • Cooperation & Communication (25 min.)
  • Responsibility & Discipline (25 min.)
  • Building Courage & Self-Esteem (24 min.)
  • Understanding and Redirecting Misbehavior (25 min.)
  • Active Parenting for School Success (25 min.)

Each video comes with downloadable discussion guidelines and a reproducible Parent’s Tips Sheet. (Click here to access the download files.)

The series is available online or on DVD. A discount on the online series is available if purchased in conjunction with the Program Kit, Lunch & Learn Kit, or set of 6 DVDs.

Note: Online Video Libraries are intended for in-home viewing. Use of the Online Video Libraries requires a signed agreement (see terms and conditions). Ordering the OVL initiates the process but does not provide instant access.

If you would like to use the OVL to teach classes virtually, see our Virtual Classroom Packages.

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