Active Parenting for Stepfamilies Online Video Library (subscription)

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by Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D., and Elizabeth Einstein, MA, LMFT

This series of 6 videos provides parents and stepparents with the skills they need to guide children through the transition and establish a solid framework for a successful stepfamily. See Program Description for more information about program content, including sample video.

With this one-year subscription to the Online Video Library (OVL), parents can watch these videos any time, anywhere. All they need is an Internet connection — and an access code from you.

Videos in the series:

  • Stepfamily Living: A Different Parenting Challenge (46 min.)
  • Finding Your Way: Stepfamily Communication & Problem-Solving (31 min.)
  • A Tale of Two Histories: Turning Differences into Opportunities (27 min.)
  • The Challenge of Discipline (35 min.)
  • From Anger & Power Struggles to Courage & Self-Esteem (30 min.)
  • Celebrating Stepfamily Successes (21 min.)

Each video comes with downloadable discussion guidelines and a reproducible Parent’s Tips Sheet. (Click here to access the download files.)

The series is available online or on DVD. A discount on the online series is available if purchased in conjunction with the Program Kit, Lunch & Learn Kit, or set of 6 DVDs.

Note: Online Video Libraries are intended for home use only. Use of the Online Video Libraries requires a signed agreement. Ordering the OVL initiates the process but does not provide instant access.

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