Teens in Action Program Kit

Teens in Action Standard DVD Kit

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by Michael H. Popkin, PhD; and Peggy Hendrickson, MA, MSW, ACSW

This video-based discussion program will help adolescents learn important communication, character, and life skills while learning about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. A curriculum for leading classes of teens and ‘tweens (ages 11-16). See Program Description for more information about program content, including sample video. Video has closed captions.

Standard Program Kit includes:

  • 1 DVD with closed captions (124 min.)


  • PowerPoint Presentation with embedded video (click to see system requirements)
  • 1 Leader’s Guide (can also be used with Families in Action)
  • 1 Teen Class PowerPoint Presentation (109 slides)
  • 1 sample Teen’s Guide
  • 1 sample Responsibility Coin
  • 1 sample Teen Certificate
  • 2 Course Announcement Posters
  • 1 Reproducible Promo Flyer (downloadable)

Save $90 with the Jump-Start Package!
Jump-start Package

  • Standard Program Kit (described above)
  • 15 extra Teen’s Guides
  • 15 extra Responsibility Coins
  • 15 Teen Class Completion Certificates
  • 6-month subscription to Teens in Action Online Video Library

This clip from the video offers a summary of all six sessions:

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Teens in Action Standard Program Kit

SKU: 1740x

Teens in Action Kit with video on PowerPoint

SKU: 1740P

Teens in Action Jump-Start Package

SKU: 1749

Teens in Action Jump-Start Package with video on PowerPoint

SKU: 1749P

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