Padres Cooperando en Medio de un Divorcio promotional tools

Reach more parents by effectively promoting your class

Help parents find you by promoting your classes. Give yourself plenty of time because it takes a while for word to spread. Here are some additional resources for marketing your Padres Cooperando en Medio de un Divorcio class.

  1. LISTING: Add a free listing about your Padres Cooperando en Medio de un Divorcio classes on our web site. Click for instructions
  2. WEB PAGE: Create an event page on your web site. Use the text and graphics from this page: Padres Cooperando en Medio de un Divorcio page for parents. Don’t forget put a link on the home page, too
  3. EMAIL: Use this page to create your own email by copying and pasting the text & graphics, then select a text color, & customize. Include a video clip! Ask people to forward it
  4. LOGO FOR WEB: Here’s a low-resolution logo for your webpage or an email:Cooperando low-res logo
  5. LOGO FOR PRINT: Need a high-resolution logo for printed flyers? Click here for a high-res logo, then right-click to save.
  6. FACEBOOK: Put an announcement on your Facebook or other social media page(s). Ask people to share it.Taller de Paternidad Activa
  7. PRESS: Notify local news and neighborhood networks about your classes. Google to find local bloggers or local parenting magazines
  8. TV or RADIO: Contact local TV and radio shows about your class. Offer to share some parenting tips for an upcoming holiday in exchange for an announcement
  9. ANNOUNCEMENTS: This step seems obvious, but it’s surprising how often it’s overlooked. Make announcements at all meetings, even staff meetings of your own organization. Everyone should know about your class!

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