How to become a certified Active Parenting leader

Certified Active Parenting leaders are serious about parent education. They have taken the steps necessary to learn the program in depth, to gain valuable real-life experience leading the program as designed by the author, and to solicit feedback from the parents they teach.

These are the steps to join the elite team of Certified Active Parenting Leaders:

  1. Complete a national Active Parenting Leader Training Workshop or a private workshop conducted by an Active Parenting Certified Trainer.
  2. Set up a parenting class using the same program as the LTW you took. There is no particular number of parents required. You must use the appropriate Active Parenting video-and-discussion program kit and facilitate all the sessions of the program and use the video for the program. The Video Library or Lunch & Learn format of the program is not acceptable for certification purposes. Note: Each participant must have access to a parent’s guide for each session. Photocopying of the parent’s guide is strictly prohibited. If you are using a program that does not have a parent’s guide, please verify with the Training Coordinator that you are using the appropriate program material for certification.
  3. At the end of the class, have each parent complete a Parent Evaulation. Return the Parent Evaluations with your Leader/Parent Group Summary and Self-Evaluation Form. (Please notify the Training Coordinator if you need the parent evaluation forms in Spanish.)
  4. You must completely fill out the Leader/Parent Group Summary and mail it along with the parent evaluations and self-evaluation back to Active Parenting in the envelope provided. Keep a copy for your records!

If all requirements and standards are met, a certificate will be mailed to you 4-6 weeks from the date the packet is received. Active Parenting reserves the right to delay or deny certification
if any information is omitted or certification steps are altered without the approval of the Training Coordinator.

You have one (1) year from the date of the Leader Training Workshop to complete your certification. If you do not complete at least one certification (Combo Day attendees can become certified in both programs) in the allotted timeframe, a $25 reactivation fee will apply.

You must complete this process for each program in which you seek certification.

You will receive a certification packet containing all the forms you will need at your Leader Training Workshop. If you have questions or need another packet, please contact our Training Coordinator at 800-825-0060 x120 or send an email to