Sample Videos from First Five Years

Your program kit will contain 63 minutes of closed-captioned video vignettes demonstrating key concepts. Here are a few sample scenes.

In this video, the program’s narrator describes what parents will learn in each session of the First Five Years parenting class.

Here’s an introduction to the families featured in the program video.

This scene, taken from Session II, introduces the A-C-T method of dealing with a young child’s misbehavior in a nonviolent way he can understand.

This scene from Session IV describes easy ways for parents to encourage learning in their young children.

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Best practices make better classes

According to “Parent Education to Strengthen Families and Reduce the Risk of Maltreatment,” a 2013 publication of the US Department of Health and Human Services,

“Research has consistently shown that active learning approaches have greater success than passive approaches (CDC, 2009). Interactive methods include activities such as group discussion, role playing, active modeling, homework exercises, and reviewing videos of effective parenting approaches (Brown, 2005).”

With video, activities, “show and tell,” group discussion, and weekly Building the Bond assignments (homework), Active Parenting: First Five Years meets all those requirements and more!

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