Quantity Discounts

Quantity discounts make it possible to provide this class for every parent you serve.

The Active Parenting Online Groups may be purchased in bulk by sponsoring organizations/individuals that will in turn give or re-sell the classes to parents. Sponsors will set their own price (if any) for the classes.

Choose from five Online Groups:

  1. Active Parenting: First Five Years
  2. Active Parenting 4th Ed.
  3. Active Parenting of Teens
  4. Crossroads of Parenting & Divorce
  5. Christian Active Parenting

The sponsor is responsible for:

  • Promoting the classes.
  • Purchasing registrations from Active Parenting at a discounted price (call for fee schedule), which includes access to the class, an online facilitator, and Parent’s Guides.
  • Collecting payment (if any) from participants based on fee set by you or your organization.
  • Distributing Parent’s Guides to participants. (An equal number of Parent’s Guides will be sent to your location based on number of registrations purchased.)
  • Providing Active Parenting with name and valid email address of participants registering for the class so access information can be sent to them.

For more information or to purchase a block of Active Parenting Online Groups, please call 1-800-825-0060 x2 or send an email.