Active Parenting for School Success

Active Parenting for School Success! 

An essential part of raising children to “survive and thrive” is preparing for school success. Doing well in school is not the only way to have a good life, but it sure helps. It will open many doors that would otherwise be closed. Being successful in school sets the foundation for children to develop skills necessary to manage life after school is completed.

To get the best out of that beautiful brain, your child needs love, support, and teaching from you and other caring adults! The system of support for children exists in the classroom, in the home, and in the community.  As we said in Active Parenting: 4th Edition, “you are your child’s first and most important teacher. To be the best teacher, it’s essential that you are actively involved in your child’s education”.

The goal for school success should include uplifting children in every way and teaching them how to celebrate with others. It is highly effective to build on their strengths and encourage them to learn new things. We want to value them for who they are, as this will help children foster a sense of confidence to be a risk taker, take ownership of learning, and support their peers.

7 Smart Things You Can Do To Ensure School Success

Active Parents can “water” their child’s brain and help them grow healthy, strong, and ready for school success. When developing relationships with a child, they must know that they are safe with you and can trust you as a source of guidance. How parents show up and support students matters for school success. Do not limit your interactions at school to drop-off and pick-up routines only. Get to know your child’s teacher by visiting your classroom and talking to the teacher regularly. This interaction can encourage children to build healthy relationships with their teachers. The more these exchanges happen, the stronger the relationship will grow and foster a sense of trust for your child.

Aside from classroom visits, parents can also volunteer at their child’s school, attend school events, go to parent-teacher conferences, and, if able, attend school field trips. Showing up and being an active parent in your child’s school environment lets them know that you care and value their education. Even when a child may struggle with behavior or developmental delays, active parents can effectively advocate for their child successfully by having a positive rapport with the school. We encourage parents to show up and show out for their child as it’s a sure display of support. It helps children to start developing a positive attachment to school and teachers. Ultimately it will increase a child’s desire to work hard and be involved and thrive year after year.

School success is not something that magically can occur overnight. Think about your child’s development like a marathon where many elements must be prepared and developed to ensure a successful outcome. Active Parents  help their children understand that learning and school are important and necessary for success. Children who love learning will do better in and out of school. Active Parents know that the idea of learning is not a surface-level task. Learning is full of opportunities for a child to be challenged, learn not to give up, work through problems, work with others, and grow confidence each time they can overcome learning difficulties.

Children who love to learn will  be equipped to be fierce leaders and change agents as they continue to grow. Parents and families must work together to help children understand that learning is a top priority. This can happen through fun learning experiences together. Daily experiences can include discussing school at dinner time, playing educational games, working together, and discussing the news and current events. Monthly experiences might include trips to museums, historical sights, the zoo, sightseeing around your community, going for hikes, taking road trips, and joining camps or educational groups. These fun learning opportunities can bring the entire family together and provide positive reinforcement when your child thinks about learning something new. A huge benefit of making learning a priority for the entire family is that it limits your child’s exposure to negative media and fosters a more balanced amount of screen time.

All children will have a better chance to succeed in school with an Active Parent who implements these helpful tips. Learn more about these effective strategies and explore more resources, such as virtual training opportunities for leaders and classes for parents–available at

This featured content is based on our Active Parenting 4th Edition curriculum written by Dr. Michael H. Popkin.

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