Paternidad Activa 4a Edición

Paternidad Activa 4a Edición (Active Parenting 4th Ed.) Program Kit on Flash Drive or Streaming

Paternidad Activa 4a Edición (Active Parenting 4th Ed.) by Michael H. Popkin, PhD

An interactive video and discussion program that will help Spanish-speaking parents learn how to encourage cooperation, courage, and responsibility in their children. For parents of children ages 5 to 12. Video is dubbed; all print materials are in Spanish. 

Available in English and Spanish, with videoembedded PowerPoint available through Streaming or on Flash Drive. 

Introducing comprehensive classes in Spanish for parents of children in the glorious middle years. With Paternidad Activa, it’s now easier than ever to offer valuable skills that will bring back the joy of parenting!

What’s so great about Paternidad Activa?

  • Engaging video dubbed by professional actors available embedded in PowerPoint on Flash Drive or Streaming—your choice!
  • Built-in flexibility: your parenting classes can be 1, 3, 4, or 6 sessions
  • A whole session dedicated to school success through parent engagement
  • All materials in Spanish, including Parent’s Guide and Leader’s Guide
  • Parent’s Workbook contains activities and copies of the PowerPoint slides
  • Optional “AP & You” mini-sessions help parents integrate the powerful communication skills in all facets of their lives
  • *Online Video Library subscription (included in the Jump-Start Package) is a great way to share the videos (without the slide presentation) with teens to reinforce lessons taught in class. *Call or email to add this Online Video Library to your Standard Program Kit for only $298/year! 


The program includes the essential Active Parenting model that has benefited millions of parents, plus:

  • How brain development affects children’s behavior and decision-making
  • Improved discipline and communication
  • Start now to prevent future use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
  • Parenting a special-needs child
  • 7 Smart Things for School Success

As with all our programs, you will have evidence-based tools you need to offer parenting classes in which parents are able to learn and laugh in a supportive environment.

  Here are the parenting skills you will be teaching:

Implement your parenting classes in 1, 3, 4, or 6 sessions. With so many different kinds of parents, why should there be only one kind of class? The Paternidad Activa 4a edición program is designed to make it easy for you to offer:

AA comprehensive, 6-session parenting class offering an in-depth exploration of the concepts and additional topics
(Sessions I-VI, see below)

BA 3- to 4-session class for core Active Parenting skills
(Sessions I-III or sessions I-IV, see below)

CA 1-session unit on parent engagement skills to build school success
(Session VI only, below)

Active Parenting 4th ed Session Chart
SESSION I – The Active Parent
  • Styles of parenting
  • Brain development in children
  • The method of choice
SESSION II – Cooperation & Communication
  • Who owns the problem?
  • Active communication
  • Feelings, empathy & problem-solving
SESSION III – Responsibility & Discipline
  • Effective, non-violent discipline
  • “I” messages
  • Logical consequences
SESSION IV – Building Courage & Self-Esteem
  • The Think-Feel-Do Cycle
  • The power of encouragement
SESSION V – Understanding and Redirecting Misbehavior
  • Why children misbehave
  • Eliminating power struggles
  • Handling anger
  • Problem-solving with FLAC
SESSION VI – Active Parenting for School Success
  • 7 Smart Things for School Success
  • Structuring homework time
  • Tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
  • Family talks

Other Program Materials:

Paternidad Activa 4a Ed. Parent’s Guide & Workbook Combo

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Paternidad Activa 4a Ed. Parent’s Workbook

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Paternidad Activa 4a Ed. Certificate of Completion

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Paternidad Activa 4a Ed. Key Points Magnet (pkg/5)

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Paternidad Activa 4a Ed. Leader’s Guide

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Paternidad Activa 4a Ed. Poster

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Paternidad Activa 4a Ed. Promo Flyer

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Paternidad Activa 4a ed. Online Video Library (subscription) Add-on

Paternidad Activa 4a ed. Online Video Library (subscription)

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Paternidad Activa 4a Ed. Video Library 1: El padre activo

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Paternidad Activa 4a Ed. Video Library 2: Cooperación y comunicación

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Paternidad Activa 4a Ed. Video Library 3: Responsibilidad y disciplina

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Paternidad Activa 4a Ed. Video Library 4: Desarrollo del valor y de la estima personal

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Paternidad Activa 4a Ed. Video Library 5: Cómo comprender y rencaminar el mal comportamiento

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Paternidad Activa 4a Ed. Video Library 6: Paternidad activa para tener éxito en la escuela

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Paternidad Activa 4a Ed. Parent’s Guide

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Testimonials • Awards • Reviews

“Working with diverse clients, I find they can always identify with one of the families presented in the video.”

Maggie P.
Counselor, Pompano Beach, FL

“Dr. Michael Popkin demonstrates how moms and dads can address the complicated issues of responsibility and discipline with young children, making positive approaches to conflict almost seem like fun. Of course, that’s saying a lot (and many adults will consider it a stretch), but having come through those years with my own youngsters, I can report that this program helped me recognize the good steps I took—and times when I could have done better. Hosted by Gerardo Davila and featuring well-acted vignettes of true-to-life interactions between parents and kids, the video shows active (authoritarian) approaches to discipline, contrasting those with the traditional concept of reward and punishment. According to Popkin, “In the long run, a stronger person inflicting pain on a smaller, weaker person may cause more harm than good to the child and the relationship.” Far from offering a Pollyanna view, the dramatizations show adults and kids behaving badly before going over the same situation with different strategies (such as using effective “I” messages) that will lead to much better outcomes. A helpful guide to dealing with some of the most challenging aspects of parenting, this is highly recommended. Aud: P. (C. Block)”

Video Librarian Magazine

Active Parenting 4th Edition is a video-based class that is easy to lead without special training, and yet it provides valuable skills that parents can put to use right away [with their children]. Active Parenting 4th Edition is an update of our main parenting education program. The core information hasn’t changed (non-violent discipline, open communication, and encouragement), but we’ve added some topics that have emerged as important, including bullying, early drug prevention, and school success. We were also excited to take advantage of improved technology to make the class easier to lead. The class video, for example, is now embedded within a PowerPoint presentation, and we love the result. We feel confident that Active Parenting is an excellent program, but it’s nice to hear that our peers in the publishing world agree!”

Association for American Publishers blog, 2015


Finalist, 2015 REVERE Awards (Association of American Publishers) – category: Professional Resources, School Climate