Courage & Fear

Courage is such an important character trait in today’s complex world of choices that it forms the very foundation upon which a child constructs her personality. Here is a poem I wrote a while back exploring the struggle between Courage and Fear. (Click to download a reproducible mini-poster for your parenting classes.)

Courage and Fear Poster

Courage & Fear

Courage first met Fear
When I was still a child;
Courage gazed with cool, clear eyes;
Fear was something wild.

Courage urged, “Let’s go ahead.”
Fear said, “Let’s turn back.”
Courage spoke of what we had;
Fear of what we lacked.

Courage took me by the hand
And warmed my frozen bones;
Yet Fear the while tugged at my legs
And whispered, “We’re alone.”

Many have been the obstacles
Since first I had to choose,
And sometimes when Courage led me on
I’ve come up with a bruise.

And many have been the challenges
Since Fear and Courage met,
And yet those times I’ve followed Fear,
Too often—tagged along Regret.

Dr. Michael Popkin
Founder and President
Active Parenting Publishers