Why We Lead: Encouraging Words for AP Programs

Why We Lead: Encouragement for Active Parenting Programs | by Dr. Popkin

Encouragement for Active Parenting programs!

Millions of parents have benefited from parenting education courses, and they couldn’t do it without capable group leaders. But why do they do it? Parents lead by example to raise children who will not only survive but also thrive. For leaders, sure it’s part of their job because like everyone else they have bills to pay, but from my experience as both a parent educator and someone who has trained thousands of other parent educators, I know it is much more than just a job. It’s the rush of joy we feel when we actually see (or more often hear about) how our work is improving the lives of families and children. To help motivate and spread the joy,  let’s share some words of encouragement for Active Parenting programs.

What motivates a parent education leader? Stories like this…

One of our Active Parenting partners, Arizona Youth Partnership recently shared their success story with the Payson Roundup. Here’s a quote from a parent who took their course:

“I am so grateful for Active Parenting: First Five Years. As a first-time parent, these classes have really helped. They are fun, enlightening, and educational. They have provided me with the tools I’ve needed to better myself as a parent. I keep going back to these classes not only because I learn something new every time, but to hear other parents’ experiences and share mine. It really does take a village and this class is my village.”

And a quote from a certified instructor:

“What’s special about these classes is easy-to-follow instructions in the curriculum and the tools that provide help for parenting, of course, every parent has to grapple with discipline, and there are many great ideas on how to deal with temper tantrums. We teach routines and how that helps the child feel safe and secure. Nutrition is another subject we teach our parents and the importance of giving your child healthy choices. Early literacy is also a big part of the Active Parenting curriculum and school readiness.”

Shaun & Stephanie H. had this to say about AP Classes for foster parents:

“I recommend the class to other foster parents as our most useful class we have taken in our 26 hours of training so far!”

Read all of the “encouraging words” in this great article by Roberta Baker in The Laconia Daily Sun like this from Steve Swanson community collaborations team coordinator for the Lakes Region Community Services Family Resource Center:

Active Parenting of Teens helps parents understand how to encourage independence within safe limits – which doesn’t automatically mean saying no. We need to give them choices and the opportunity to fall down, then come alongside them to teach and encourage.”

Editor’s note: Leaders and parents, please share your thoughts on Active Parenting programs with us and we will post them here.


Whatever your own reasons for leading or taking an Active Parenting course, we applaud you for making a positive difference in your community. While there is so much divisiveness in our world today, one thing that almost all can agree on is that our children are important and deserve the best their parents can give them. Their future is our future, so when you help parents or children you help the world.

Active Parenting Publishers founder and president Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D. has been providing research-based education programs with an emphasis on nonviolent discipline, mutual respect, and open communication for over 35 years. He is widely known for his expertise in the field of parent education and has appeared on over 100 TV programs, including CNN and The Oprah Winfrey Show.