Welcome to Slim Jim…and more

A message from Doc Pop

Welcome to fall!

Just because we are innovators doesn’t mean that we don’t follow a good trend when we see one. Case in point: our fall catalog. It’s slimmer than our catalogs of the past—so much so that printers have nicknamed it a “Slim Jim.” The idea behind this catalog diet is to save trees by reducing paper usage and inviting you to visit our website to get more information, watch video clips, and have a better all-around experience than any paper catalog could offer.

I have to admit it makes sense, although I also admit that I enjoy holding a paper catalog in my hands, baby boomer that I am. The good news is that we can now have it both ways. You have probably already received your paper copy of Slim Jim, where you can find the essentials about our programs and other products. Now go online and view Slim on our newly redesigned website—www.Activeparenting.com—and get your fill of state-of-the-art digital pizazz as well as a lot more detail.

I’d tell you more, but I wouldn’t want to give away all of our dieting secrets.

Thanks as always for what you do to make this a better world for children.

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Dr. Michael Popkin

Founder and President
Active Parenting Publishers